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Adrienne Crew
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Adrienne Crew

Registered Therapist

My name is Adrienne Crew, I am a fully qualified experienced Counsellor and a Registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I help clients with a wide range of problems including relationships, depression, anxiety, bereavement, work life balance and many more issues.

Through many years of experience of dealing with a variety of different situations, I have developed the depth of knowledge and life experience to provide a real understanding and empathy to my client’s needs. It has helped me provided the knowledge to support and enhance the lives of the people who have been counselled. If I was to describe myself; I would say I am firstly a good listener. I believe that by providing a calm, empathic, warm and supportive environment where my clients can share and express their concerns, fears and problems at a pace that matches their own personal needs. Is the correct way to allow us both to fully understand the sometimes deep seated and complex issues which have brought you to seek help in the first place. 

However counselling isn’t always about resolving a problem, it can be simply about helping you to develop as a person or even simply developing strategies to understand and cope with situations and make the most of your abilities and find a better way of living.

Why work with Adrienne

In my Counselling sessions I will provide you with a safe place to speak honestly about the challenges you face, in a non- judgement environment. A place where you can discuss your worries and fears and to enable you to explore the options you want to pursue. It enables you to access the support you need to allow you to make the changes which can at times be challenging, but that will bring a new positive way of thinking and to deal with the problems you face with a renewed optimism.  It is often the hardest step to seek help, and it is great that you have taken this big decision now. I would be delighted to meet for an initial consultation and discuss how I may be of help and assistance.  

There are many reason clients choose Adrienne as their counsellor;
  • Experienced
  • Mature
  • Qualified
  • Warm
  • Professional
  • Deals with ‘Modern Issues
  • Trustworthy
  • Approachable
  • Rich life Experience
  • Satisfied Clients
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Getting Started is Easy

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Free 10 minute initial telephone consult and Skype Counselling sessions available by appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are sessions?

Initially for an individual client we meet for a fifty minute assessment, then the sessions are fifty minutes weekly.

Couples assessment is sixty minutes then each session thereafter is one and a half hours fortnightly for eight sessions.

What is an assessment?

An assessment is for us both to decide whether I can be of help to you. At this stage I wont take many details, this appointment is about us meeting. I believe that for you to gain the most from therapy it is important to find the right person for you to work with.

How often will I/we need to come?


This will be decided between us. If you have a specific issue we might work with a shorter contract. If you are looking for long term therapeutic work we would work with a more open ended contract. Again this is an area we would look at together.


 After the assessment we would then have eight sessions, these are every two or three weeks for one and a half hours.

What are your Fees?

Individual sessions £ 50.00

Couples £ 60.00 for the sixty minute assessment. Thereafter £90.00 for the ninety minute sessions.

Can I arrange therapy for someone else?

There are times when we feel we want to help a friend, partner, husband, wife or our children or even other family members to deal with their problems. Whilst it is often done out of a sense of love and devotion or friendship. However in my experience, for therapy to work effectively and have a chance of long-term success, it is best for the person who needs the help to be motivated to seek it. It would be better to offer support and guidance.

What else should I know?

Therapy isn’t a magic formula, for it to truly work, it requires investing time and a commitment in yourself, working hard, a willingness to open up on subjects that may be painful and not to be embarrassed about what you may be feeling. Like many things in life, success and effectiveness are often proportionate to the willingness and desire to invest time and effort into what you want to achieve.